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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Welp, keeping with the yearly tradition, I'm posting Sam's yearly update a bit late.  BUT I did make it before June this year, so I guess that's progress, right?

Samantha was ALL psyched to turn five from December until April.  Then May hit and I guess she just lost her steam and decided she was "close enough" to five.  It probably didn't help that I told her it was ok to say "I'm almost 5" when May came around.  Even her teachers asked, "Wait, did we miss her birthday?  She's stopped talking about it everyday so we thought maybe we'd forgotten it!"

Speaking of school and teachers, we just got back from her 5-year check-up.  She'd been talking about her 5-year-old shots (aka Kindergarten shots) since her 4-year check-up, so she was quite ready.  And considering she thinks an IV "tickles" it wasn't surprising that she only made a small yelp for "Mommy!" between the two shots and that was it.  Getting to have TWO Band-Aids at once just sweetened the deal.  And a sucker.  Can't forget about the sucker.

Samantha taught herself to sight-read this past year and was reading books out-loud to her class (teacher-style) when the year ended.  She has no idea what "sounding out" is, she just uses the first letter and the last, context and pictures where applicable to guess what new words are.  She's reading this as I type it, actually.  Pretty soon Jeremy and I won't be able to spell things out to each other anymore.

She's finally a rock-star sleeper.  She made the last transition when my mom mentioned having sleep-overs once she slept through the night.  We really haven't had any issues since, even though she's only had two sleep-overs!

She only gets two migraines a year, but we're still trying to figure out what to do during them to avoid going to the ER.  Nothing (Zofran, Gatorade, suppositories, Ibuprofen, wrist creams, etc) stops the vomiting/dehydration cycle so we just take her to the ER for an IV and wait out the migraine.  So any tips or thoughts on this area would be much appreciated.  Those ER trips are not cheap!

Lists of Favorites:
Food: suckers
Color: Elsa Blue and White
Movie: Frozen
Song: Let It Go
Book: Frozen books (although she loves reading the Little House books with me right now, she's just a little obsessed with Elsa)...now she's upset with me for adding that.  Oh well.
Healthy Food: Carrots and Apples
Store: Trader Joe's
Drink: Water
Best Friend: Estella (Myra and Lydia)
Toy: The Elsa Doll (that she made by putting a Cinderella dress on a ballerina Barbie)
Skirts/Dresses/Shorts/Pants?: Dresses with shorts underneath
When she grows up she wants to be a: Rock Star

40.5" (25%)
35.5 lbs (25%)

Elsa Blue Chairs for lounging outside

Second gift...

...were shoes that she hated

Birthday Cake that papa made

Sam was in love

Sam's wonderful teacher for two years.  She will be missed! (Until Charlotte joins the club)

Favorite gift- Elsa Blue Cowgirl boots.
Thanks Mimi!

  Happy Birthday Samantha!
You are every inch of a five-year-old Rock-Star.
May the precious blood of Christ wash over you and protect you as you begin your journey onto your second hand...

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