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Saturday, May 31, 2014


These kind of speak for themselves. 

First Day of the summer, 9:30 am, took about 20 minutes to complete.  It should say "wiping my feet" but I was too angry to be so exact.

Same day, took about 3.5 hours to complete, including a tantrum, screaming, time-outs, slamming of doors, a nap (for both of us) and finally a finished product.  Her defense? "I didn't put them on her face, just her belly!" Note the original with scribbles and post-crumbled into a ball crinkles.  It was quite the stand-off.
 We've been incident free for three days now, and she's been unusually kind to Charlotte.  Hopefully the lesson has been learned...


Mammasita said...

I need you to come and combat my first born with his stubbornness. I am very head strong as well, however, my temper usually gets the best of me. I know he and my girl are what my mother meant when she would say, "Just you wait, you'll have one just like you!"

Kim said...

who said my temper didn't get the best of me? It's the reason I go to confession these days...I finally just said "stay in your room until it's done!"
Check out "Discipline that lasts a lifetime" by Dr. Ray.
Great guy. has 10 kids. and a degree of some sort :)

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