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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

8 months

This month has been filled with so much love.  I just can't get over what a happy child she is.  Even when she had hives (details to come) she was only mildly fussy.  She smiles all.the.time.  If she's fussy she's either hungry, tired or wet.  I had to emphasize to Jeremy that a fuss is not "hold me" like it was with Sam.  A fuss is her telling you one of those three things.  Listen to her. 
Caught on camera!  The hives were juuuuust starting here- they didn't stop her from getting up onto all fours by herself for the first time! 
The only reason she's not mobile is because she's totally content in the most awkward of positions for long periods of time...
If she sees something she'd like that is out of reach...
She'll just find something else to grin at.
Just when I get worried about her motor development I'll turn around and ask, "Wait, Jer, did you move her or did she do that on her own?"
Yesterday she sat up by herself.  Several times.  Like it was nothing.  I swear she knows how to walk and is pretending she can't so we'll lug carry her everywhere.
I'm debating putting some puffs on the other end of the room and setting up a camera.  This girl shies away from an audience but will do anything for a puff.   
Oh, Charlotte.  Even my mother can't get over how happy and content you are to just be on the floor by yourself.  You kill your papa with your "engine revving" hums when you are only 90% content. 
I was trying to catch her sitting up on camera...

You think you can catch me in action??

...5 minutes later...

HA! I win. The tongue shows her proud victory.

Getting the mouth ready...


"Take a picture of ME!"

She'd still be in my womb if possible, I swear. 

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