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Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby Gate #2

With 3 floors and two flights of stairs, I was very worried about what we were going to do as far as baby gates.  We needed four but
1) Samantha needs to be able to open them easily
2) we don't want them to close off the flow of the house
3) they need to be sturdy and
4) we can't spend much.

 Luckily Jeremy is very handy and once I can get my idea across to him, he's usually able to make them a reality.  So here is the second baby gate, this time for the main entryway.  Still with the same crib from before.  This gate only cost .25 for some screws.
Goodness it was a pain getting him to get in the picture. 

We even repurposed the metal bar from the crib to use as the "pin" that locks it. 

Where did the gate go?!?
See, he's so handsome, why would he be so camera shy?!

Ta-dah! It slides back behind the wall, out of sight (mostly) when we want to live like grown-ups.

That's two down and only two more to go!

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