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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Bear Crawler

"Really mom?  WHY are you not on the carpet?"

She does not like to crawl on anything but our living room carpet.

Ok I'll try one foot.


Maybe the other foot?


How about if I spin...

...while I sit...

Darn, still not going forward.

"Seriously?  All that hard work and you're just going to keep taking pictures?"

Come ON...

Ok fine.

Bottoms UP.

There, you have it on camera now.

Will you just hold me already?!?

She's actually pretty fast now.

Especially when she wants the camera.

I thought maybe some babylegs would help cushion things and she'd crawl instead.

But nope.

It really is a lot of work, I'm not sure why she keeps doing it this way.

"Can I just rest here for a second?"
Why do you keep giggling?

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