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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fly on the Wall

For Father's day I had Samantha decorating Jeremy's card.  I told her to hide it IN the marker box when she was done, as he would never look there.  A few minutes later Jeremy came down to tell me he had the following conversation with her:

S "HA!  I tricked you!"
J "How did you trick me?"
S "I hid them in the marker box! You'll never find it there!"
J "Ok I'm going inside."
S "I'm going to move the marker box so don't look inside it."

I came upstairs and she informed me that she had hid the marker box.  I glanced at the bulging blanket on top of the sofa.  We then had to find a new hiding place for the father's day card.
"Just like her father.  Soooo clever and has to make sure everyone knows it."

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