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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hm...can't quite reach...

...Maybe if I point my toes and streeeeeeetch...


I'll just push up and-

O- that's within reach now, awesome!

Crap, where did this wall come from?

Hm...nope, can't reach those...

Oh! This comes of?!

Just checking to make sure it's straight.

Dang, it's out of reach now.

Maybe if I...

...no, now it's farther away...

How did you get so far away?

This wall is getting in my way again...

You still there?

'Cause I keep moving and I'm not sure...

...how I...

ooo- found something!
For some extra fun, go backwards through the pictures.  It looks like she's moving forward.  Sam thinks it's hilarious!

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