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Thursday, June 5, 2014


 Charlotte had a fever a few weeks back.  And a persistent gunky cough mixed with an ear infection.
Since it wasn't going away we decided to try an antibiotic. Amoxicillin to be exact.  After 5 days we realized that we were giving her the wrong dosage (looooong embarrassing story).  So it was upped for another 6 days.  48 hrs after it was done she had the fever again.  Then 48 hours later she started getting spots.  After way too many doctor apts and phone calls I was warned that "These hives will get a lot worse before they get better."
If only I'd known. 
These pictures don't even come close to showing how bad they got.
One thing I've always prided myself with is how I'm able to function under a lot of stress.  House is flooding?  I'm right there doing all the damage control possible while my mom freaks out.  Eight kids under seven running around the house?  No sweat. I usually get more housework done for some reason.  Back labor (Shoot, I still need to blog about that)?- well, ok, that was hard but I still didn't freak out and was able to think clearly throughout the whole thing.  
One of my babies has a migraine or the hives?  I'm a nervous wreck and can't even get dressed.
Suffice to say the hives were harder on me than her. 
Benadryl just kept her away and a nice oatmeal bath finally did the trick. 

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