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Friday, June 13, 2014


I forgot that I haven't posted about Arizona! Totally out of order...
Sam had a blast going "super fast" on a trike on the covered patio.

There was never a lack of things to watch.

Doing fancy tricks.

She was spoiled.  This is one of the three shirts she currently wears.  I don't know why I ever buy her more!

She got to sleep in a camper.

And Grandma was willing to part with some of her beanie babies.
She and Jer had a sleep-over every night- and she got to watch TV in the mornings! 

And to top it off, it was "Elsa's" RV because of the snowflake on the tires.

Such a happy baby.  Everyone loved passing her around.

My children would live in water if allowed.

She loved the daily baths (there is so much dust there!!)

Ok, Uncle Andrew, I may have been upset about the LeapPad when she first go it, but it was really nice to have on the long car trips.  And the airplane.

Just checking to see if she'd fallen asleep yet...nope...

Great Uncle Don.  That man only spent about an hour with Sam and he made every second count.

It helped that they have the best dog ever.  I want an Airedale!!


Seriously, this dog was so chill.

They played so nice.

The dairy trial was a success!!! Still no eggs or corn, though...
Sam's evening snack.  I was very proud.

We went to dinner with my college roommate Kate.

Sam talked her ear off!

Note the stuffed animal.  She's still obsessed.
Especially because we found it's "Mommy" right outside the restaurant. 
Easter egg hunting with Daddy.

H had more fun than Sam did- especially with the bubbles!

This series cracked me up.  She'd shake her head...

Really hard and go "ahhahahahahahhhhh"

And then loose her balance and try to play it cool..."I totally meant to land on my face mom, it's cool."
Sam and grandma had TONS of fun playing with water.

This is my new favorite of the two of them.  If only you could have heard Sam's giggles!

Going back for more!

Great Aunt Jackie thought Sam was a hoot.

We can't wait to visit again soon!

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