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Friday, September 5, 2014

11 months

I know, I know, I missed 10 months.  We were returning from Arkansas and I was exhausted and by the time I got around to it, it was mid August and I thought, "Meh, I'll just catch up at 11 months."  Because, to be honest- I didn't write it down and now I don't remember what she was doing at 10 months :(

So here we go!  Charlotte is really slimming out. She's still in a size 9-12 month with disposables and 18mo with the cloth. Although she won't stand independently (but can- she did it once a week ago) she will instantly pull to stand up when set down.  All she needs is something to steady herself.  And boy is she fast-especially up the stairs.  I went from saying, "Nah, it's ok she doesn't know how to go up yet" to "SHUT THE GATE! QUICK! HERE SHE COMES!" within 24 hours.
Someone forgot to close the bathroom door...
She's also figured out signing.  She still won't do it to unless it pertains to the situation (ie to show off) but she accurately and consistantly signs more, eat, drink, milk, down, bath-time and bye-bye.  She also has a very distinct belly-yell that means, "I WANT THAT BUT I CAN'T REACH IT" which also includes when Samantha has taken something away from her to play with (because wow that book/calculator/ball is suddenly interesting now that the baby is looking at it).  It's so distinct that I can yell at Sam to "give it back!" without even needing to see what's going on. 

Speaking of which, Jeremy and I refer to Sam as Charlotte's favorite and least favorite person.  They can't get enough of each other (Charlotte reeeeaches for Sam the instant they are in the car together and Charlotte won't nurse if Sam is in the room unless Samantha is cuddling with us as she nurses).
But Charlotte is also constantly fighting for her life when Samantha is around.  Or more accurately- for her head to stay on and working properly.  Because that is the one thing Sam just can't stop touching/covering/poking/petting/pushing/rubbing. 

My new background picture.

She loves water as much as Samantha.  You know bath-time has ended when you hear the insane protest crying from the bathroom upstairs as she is taken from the bath-tub.  She also looooooves music.  She hasn't mastered the sign yet, but she recognizes it and will start to "dance" before I even get the music going. 

Charlotte is such a dream baby when it comes to sleep now (haha, get it?).  She goes to bed at 7pm sharp and wakes up around 7am.  Although the babysitter only napped her once today, she will nap for a solid two hours in the morning and 30-90 minutes in the afternoon.  And all you have to do is give her her giraffe blanket/binky, give her some snuggles and lay her down.  Awake.  And when she wake up she wakes up HAPPY.  Happy as in "Oh-my-gosh-I've-missed-you-and-I-can't-hold-still-I've-got-to-kick-and squeal-life-is-so-good!"  SUCH a welcomed change from Samantha's sweaty screams and hours of grump post-nap.

Baby with Binky and Sister's booty.

I took it out to get a GRIN and she popped it back in before I could get the camera pointed at her.

But food.  Oh good golly this girl is picky.  Unless it's a GOOD piece of fruit (or freeze-dried bananas-not fresh or dehydrated), this girl wants only perfectly cooked meat, grapes and some sort of bread/pasta/rice.  Nothing green or even remotely colorful. Now, she'll TRY everything, but if that first bite isn't perfect-forget it.  I've tried avocado so many different ways that she recognizes it and won't even try it anymore. I'm glad she still nurses so well, but MAN it's frustrating to clean up after her with all the rejected food on the floor.

Oh, and seven teeth.  Not 2, 4, 6 or 8.  But 7.  For about 2 months now.  #8 is finally deciding to show up but it could be a while yet.

Randomly she'll bust out a very distinct and emphatic "NO!" in the highest and cutest voice. I can't help but hope for and laugh at her every time she does it. Otherwise she "talks" to herself- and it is the CUTEST thing in the world. I wish I could get it on camera but it's so quiet that the camera has to be real close and then she sees it and...well, see the below pictures to understand why I can't capture it...

What is THAT?


Why do you keep pointing that?  And what is that red light?




Ok, now let me see what you're looking at...


Oh, hey there.

Let me SEE!!!

She kept blinking, it was hilarious!

She was enthralled by the camera. 

I kept trying to get her to GRIN and Sam obliged.  Charlotte then inspected.

There we go!

Now let me SEE mom!


Finally, our favorite things about her right now:
Jeremy-the fact that daddy is just as good as mommy. Or as he says, "That mommy is not the preferential option."
Samantha- her hugs

The end. Next month- A YEAR!!

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