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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Arkansas 2014

 It. Was. Crazy. Awesome.
The drive stunk.  We learned the hard way that we do NOT start a trip before children would wake up normally.  Especially if they don't/won't sleep in the car.

The 8 hr drive took 11 hrs.  I made him take over child-care-duties the last 2.

First we visited this guy's house.  I loved his missing tooth!

Charlotte was in heaven with the new toys...

...especially the lego table.  She got really fast, btw.

Max was FLOORED that Sam could read a book that she'd never read before.

Part of their morning routine.

Max was disappointed that Sam didn't bring her My Little Ponies.  But he was ok playing with the princesses instead.

This is ALL she wanted to do the entire week.

Sam was every impressed by their ability to just build anything they wanted.

BLUE day!

At one point after playing outside they coyly came up to me (holding hands) and told me that they were married.  He was spiderman and she was spider woman.  His uniform was red and hers was pink.  And they had weapons.  Sam described their colors and how they matched the outfits, while Max informed us on their functions and how to use them. 
The Wewers house is always full of fun.

And TV.

And Razorback outfits.
And CHEATERS!! Michael actually taught Sam how to cheat in Go-Fish!

Charlotte found her lounging chair.  Her name is Mary Kate.  They were quite the inseperable pair.
Charlotte was SO popular.

Seriously, everyone always wanted to be around her.  Everywhere we went, whenever someone would walk into the house there was always a chorus of "Do ya wanna see the baby?!"

Michael and Mathew were CONSTANTLY wrestling.

Luckily they are well matched and both love it.

Charlotte was not amused.

These two were so cute.

Mathew is a true gamer. 

So. Popular.

Sam found her match for someone as obsessed with Frozen as she is.

Jake so badly wanted to be INHERFACE but was very good about keeping his distance...most of the time :)

I stayed away from the puzzle as long as possible.  But then I started and just couldn't stop.  Luckily Jake was there to help.

These two!

It was such a relief to our backs to have someone smaller walk with her.
And then we went to the lake!

The fairy godmother.
Much to my stomach's dislike, she got to go tubing!
The clan of 5-9 year-olds.  Pretty soon they'll all be awkward teenagers!
Even Charlotte's lounging chair came to hang out.
My favorite picture of the whole trip.

She splashed non-stop for 15 minutes.  And then SCREAMed when I made her stop to rest.

Over and over.

Lil miss popular.

I decided against the boat  ride after we tried the life-vest for her.

She enjoyed pushing this stool around instead.

Um..excuse me?

Charlotte's bath while Jeremy and I made our first of three attempts to make it to mass.
So yum.

We have the amazing oportunity to stay here next year instead of loading and unloading a million times to visit everyone.  It will be so much more relaxing!

I mean seriously, look at the view from the road!

We can't wait for next year!  Jeremy is already counting down the days!!

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