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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kids Say

A few that I don't want to forget...

Charlotte crawled into bed with me to cuddle for a few minutes and gasped, "Oh!  I felt Genevieve kick!"
I replied, "No, I think she's still sleeping, but she'll be awake here soon..."
And Charlotte chirped back, "Oh!...Will her light turn green?"

Today while making coffee,
C, "Why are they making coffee?"
S, "Because it wakes them up and puts them in a better mood!"

Charlotte every single time we get into the car, "MOMMY!  Do you want to play I Spy?!?!? Ok!  I'll go first...I spy something...green! The grass!  Ok your turn!"

"I fell at recess...and I screamed REALLY loud- but only once...and then cried and cried...but MOM I'm gonna have a really cool scab, won't I?!?!

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