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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Oh, how we've both waited for this age!  You because everyone else in your class is already 7 and me and Jeremy because it is the age of reason.  We're all very excited for the upcoming school year- 1st communion and reconciliation!  Ears pierced!  So many fun things :)

You are 20th percentile for height and weight.  We were really worried about the weight part this year and it's hard for others who help to watch you to understand how badly you need to eat the right foods to help you grow.  They tend to resort to sweets and gum, forgetting that you need to eat your (untouched) lunch first.  But we're seeing progress. You've managed to get to and stay at 42 lbs!

You love to read.  So much so that even your teacher has to stop you to ask that you play instead.

I got dressed and heard you singing "I'm SEVen. I'm SEEEEEven.  I'm SEEEEEEEEven!"
Here you gave me your best 7-year-old smile
You also can't take your eyes off a screen if it's on. It doesn't matter what is on- you're zoned.  Mimi laughed the other day after letting you watch a show during naptime.  She didn't realize I was being literal when I said, "Don't worry, she won't move an inch!"

Now that you can ride without crashing you are constantly asking to ride your bike.  It shakes daddy's nerves as you are "close to the street" but he doesn't realize how well you can ride (and that every sidewalk is that same distance from the street!)

You are still our fabulous eater- you love trying new things and eat lots of foods that I despise.
You also constantly request tea.  There must be some English blood in you that we don't know about.  You were SO excited to get a real tea-set for your birthday!

Currently, you want to be a sister when you grow up.  You aren't sure what type, but you've been very consistent in your insistence.

Your best friend is Estella.

Swimming finally "clicked" for you and you're able to do the breast stroke across 1/2 the pool!

You figured out how to put your own hair up in a pony-tail (without screaming or blowing up!!!!!) and proceeded to practice non-stop for the following 48 hrs.  I think this summer we'll be doing lots of different hair-dos as you learn new twists and braids!

I'm sorry this isn't more detailed, but Genevieve is about to come out any day now and my brain is m.u.s.h.!  We love you and can't wait to see how the next 7 years unfold!

Reading Charlotte's card.  I asked Charlotte what she wanted to say in your card.  She replied, "Corners".  So the card said "Corners"

Fancy hats from Great Aunt Jackie were on in a flash!

You girls couldn't set up your tea party fast enough!  
 After going out for ice cream after dinner you declared that this was your "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!"  I just hope we can live up to this one in the years to come :)
 Happy Birthday Samantha!

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