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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

4 weeks/ 1 month!

Due to the nature of you being #3, this post will be short as I have your older siblings who are begging for my attention!

You weigh...not sure, but my guess is 9 1/2 lbs...I haven't gotten to weigh you due to a sister with strep!

Contrary to the picture below and the perpetual frown on your face, you are quite content.  Jeremy and I both find it so odd and slightly unsettling that we can set you down AWAKE and you will happily lay there for you know... 30 minutes or so!  And if you don't get the hiccups, you last even longer (those darn hiccups...they annoy you so often!)

You are very different from your sisters already.  You hate the papysan and rock and play, sleep MUCH better unswaddled, still are working on a good latch while nursing (Thank you Melissa!!)
 and sleep in the carseat better than anywhere else.  I never understood why anyone would want one of those stroller systems that attaches a carseat.  Now I get it...it would be REALLY helpful to have one right now with the older two and a child who sleeps in the carseat!

You also loooooove soft music (instrumental is your favorite) and are already reacting to me when I walk into the room.  If you are fed and not smacking your lips at me I get a few smiles!

At night, after a good 4 hr stretch in some other sleeping apparatus (sometimes carseat, sometimes the rock n play) you will only return to sleep if cuddled in my arms.  This is fine, I just wish you didn't wiggle and squeak so much in your sleep.

As far as allergies, we're 99% sure you're sensitive to tree-nuts, which is really hard for me right now.  I make an amazingly delicious, healthy, protein packed, go-to snack for the family that is made with almond flour.  And it's all I've been wanting since I had to give it up.  I'm sort of avoiding egg, and the family doesn't do corn, so who knows if those would affect you.  But for now, I'm half-haphazardly avoiding those (I may have had a brownie bite at Applebee's last night).

Oh, just one request.  Please just take the binky.  I have having to convince you that you like it every.single.time.  Just a request.  No pressure or anything.

Get me out! I hate this thing!!
Your adoring fans

Apparently this was comfortable

Almost caught her smile on camera...

White Dog and Black Sheep are quite popular
How to put Genevieve to sleep.
Step one: feed her
Step two: gently rock on your knees
Step three: do NOT put her down

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