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Friday, June 10, 2016

Princess Tea Party

Amanda has some skills....and my mom had the energy to play with all the girls!  She was the one who got them all to pose in the group shots and played spaceship in the basement for 30 minutes after the tea party and gifts!  It turned out so well and it brings me to tears to re-live it in the pictures...but it could be the hormones as most everything brings me to tears these days...
Waiting for her guests 

The Woman...she made it all come together!

Trying out the "photo booth" area

Guests arriving...
Princess Audra

Princess Kahlan

Aunt Lucy was a huge help too!

Princess Gina

Princess Estella

Princess Nicole

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The Mirror was quite the popular spot!

After getting a jewelry collection they got their nails painted.

Explaining the process...pick what you want for your nails NOW, get to take home one color LATER.

Princess Lily
My "Throne"

I'd expected to do hair and crowns, but most came with their hair already "done"...so I just crowned 7 princesses.

Audra and her tongue...

Audra (left) in 2009 at a few weeks old...that's Nicole on the right!
Gina and her 'tude.

Charlotte wasn't getting the idea...

waiting for everyone to finish with nails and crowns...


I always think of Samantha as a tea-pot that is going off at high steam...this picture illustrates that well!


My mom got them all to make faces by having them show how they would react in certain situations...here they were blowing kisses...

silly face!

"You see a scary monster!"
Note my child's karate chop...'cause that's Samantha!

Your prince proposes!

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You see a scary dragon!...I don't think my child knows what it means to be scared...

You see your prince on your wedding day as you walk down the aisle! (or something like that...)

Tea Party Time!  The Theme was a "Princess Tea Party" if you didn't guess by now...
 I got this tea set for $25 off of craigslist a week before the party!  

The tea's sounded much better than they tasted to most of the girls.  Sam, Estella and Charlotte chugged it.  The other girls sipped it as long as it had equal amounts of honey in it!

Presenting each princess with their baggie of jewelry 

Birthday party take 2- Dinner with family!
Papa made her a Cinderella cake, as requested.

we had to invite the adopted family...who will sadly be moving in a month out of state...


Be still, my heart...

This one...oh my...it's a flash into the future...

But this one...this one is her right now!  Happy Birthday Samantha!!

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stevenjared0853 said...

Such a cute princess tea party. It reminded me of my niece’s princess tea part that I arranged for her and her friends at Venues in San Francisco. Had lovely arrangements for the day. All children loved them and had a great time.

Ram Sam Sam

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