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Saturday, October 29, 2016

3 months...I mean 4!...er, Make that 5...

At least I got a picture at 3 months!
I totally missed the 3 month post...so on to 4 months!
You've gone from sleeping 8 hrs at night to only 3 max.  My guess is because you have so much chunk to keep feed now.
You are pretty good at rolling back to front...especially when you're swaddled and in the rock'n play...which means we buckle you now!
You HATED being swaddled as an infant, but now it's the only way you'll sleep. Mainly because your hands creeeeeep up to your mouth, trigger your sucking reflex and you're awake within seconds.

You've discovered your toes!
And your voice!  It hurts everyone's ears.  It even makes Samantha jump back and STAY away.  Hilarious, since she's the queen of obnoxious noises!!

Stats!  so much easier to just take a picture with my SMART PHONE!
4 months: Thank you, thank you, for sleeping in cars.

4 months: mmmm...not quite yet.

4 months: Direct quote, "I want one."
5 months: "What?.....Did you need something?"
Um, ok 5 months!
You are quite the kicker now!  Your voice screeches are a thing of the past (thank GOODness) but you are perpetually kicking.  Your sleep routine has become a little obnoxious (swaddled with feet out so we can strap you in to prevent you from flipping out of whatever is elevating you for your reflux, only to tuck a blanket around you to keep you warm).  SO we're trying to transition you to sleeping without being swaddled so we can move you to your pack n play.  
However, you still flip over and then spit up like nobody's business, so I'm not sure how that's going to work!
Kick-kick-kick-kick-kick.  The instant something touches your feet you are puuuuuushing it with your feet and if it's solid you try to bounce.  Even from a horizontal position.  Crazy girl!  We're sure you're going to be our early walker!  
You loved to be held, but do NOT want to be snuggled.  There's just too much to see with your sisters constantly making noises.  You're very content to just watch Daddy cook or the girls eat while lounging in your high chair.
Speaking of eating, we started solids!  I guess it's the new thing to try solids EARLIER due to all the food allergies in kids these days.  So, we started off with sweet potatoes...then avocado...neither was successful (felt like I was torturing you) so on a whim I tried baby oatmeal- BAM.  You loved it!  Yes, it's a grain, but whatever.  God gave us himself in the form of bread, so grain can't be ALL that bad!
We love you Genevieve!!  I'm sorry I'm so behind on your posts.  To be honest, I'm really trying to soak you up.  And then I look at your sisters and realize how fast they grew and try and soak them up. So I've been soaking up rather than documenting.  Please don't hold it against me!

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