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Friday, October 28, 2016

College Reunion

Back in March my former roommate Kate called and said that I didn't have a choice...I would be going to our 10 year reunion in Dallas. 
Kate's a Lawyer.  I didn't argue.

So we road tripped. With Genevieve. 
Who was awesome!
We picked up pregnant Michelle on our way down.
She was also awesome!

We stopped to see our pinky finger.  Who was wearing pink. Beautiful as ever!

We stayed at an apartment through Airbnb.
It was almost awesome.  We had to buy some basics like salt and bowls. The pillows were CHEAP. And the sheets on one bed smelled of things...but it was quiet and we had bedrooms. 

So surreal.  I totally missed this.  I didn't enjoy it while I was there for school!

So many late night walks as a student.  I was way to stressed to enjoy the peace.

Lunch with Mal!!

She was a dream, but did require her swaddle and to be moved while sleeping.  


Easy Baby...she even popped a tooth on the trip!

Meesh and I went to a lecture by....

Dr O!!!!
We would have sat up front but we had the stroller with the sleeping baby.

Addition to campus- Our Lady!! AH!

Me in college,
"Who in their right mind would spend so much money on something just so it has their university name on it?"
Me at the reunion,
"Here's my money.  Give me all the things."

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