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Monday, October 3, 2016


No, we didn't forget about you!  I'm just behind.
You love.to.paint.  I'd never seen a watercolors set be "used up" before you.  Now, when we break out a new one, colors are GONE within two days.  I used to take pictures of Samantha's art from school and then print it.  I tried this with you.  But even if I squeeze 3 or 4 works of art in a picture, I still would be taking 3 or 4 pictures a DAY.  You paint at school, you paint at home, you paint with Cambria whenever you're with her, you wake up asking to paint. You've just got a lot of talent to share!

Our Little Picasso with her collected work

Trampoline park for your birthday.  You were on cloud nine.

Daddy got bored while watching.

You (finally) discovered Cambria across the street.  Her mommy and I played softball together as kids.  Now you two are CONSTANTLY begging for playdates. You make quite the pair!

Papa came through with another cake-decorating order.  I think he's done half the Disney princesses by now...

Becca has baby Milo the day before your birthday so she said "Hi" on the phone.

Sam's poor eye.  We still don't know what happened- maybe a bug bite?  

Grandad and Yai Yai came for your birthday!!!  You are so lucky.  This is TWO birthdays you've gotten with Yai Yai!

"Ice cream cake" = pint of ice cream with candles.  What can I say, we're tired and it was a weekday!

Oh, baby girl, you are so enjoyed by all!  You dictation is so clear and blows everyone you meet out of the water.  You've discovered what it means to disobey and we try so hard not to let you see us crack up when we find you tip-toeing oh so conspicuously back to your room after sneaking out.  You don't need or want anything, you're just dead set on being a little turkey.
You love to swing.  You will swing on the back swing set alone for 45 minutes non-stop.  You've started needing naps after a summer of no-napping due to the wonderfulness that is your preschool, Dimensions.  You adore and still can't get enough of Genevieve and are always in Samantha's shadow.  You still want to be snuggled by mommy all the time.  Daddy will do if need be, but you definitely prefer my lap.  You are everyone's friend but have also developed a knack for finding someone's button to push.  You are such a character!
Happy (belated) Birthday!!

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