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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

First Reconciliation

The anticipation was almost too much.  I almost wish the school didn't "prep" you so much as I think it just feeds your anxiety.  We did an examination of conscience.  I read (age appropriate) questions from my examination of conscience cheat sheet.  Whenever you thought of something you would tell me to "stop" and write down what you thought of.  You took advantage of being able to tell me when to stop, but eventually took it seriously!
With your sins written down and tucked into your sock (you were so worried you'd forget) you proudly walked back to a line of a priest you "didn't know" (very important to you).  Daddy was home with Genevieve.  Charlotte and I waited and waited.  You finally came back and said your Penance.  
And the tears just filled my eyes. 
We were SO proud of you!

Idea stolen from a friend.  You got your ears pierced!

Charlotte was veeeery observant. After seeing a baby get hers done and you get yours done, she's declared that she will NEVER get her ears pierced.

Hair pinned back...getting a little nervous

A few tears...

...that INSTANTLY disappeared once you saw the mirror!

And yes, just as we've affirmed 1000x times since you got them pierced, your rainbow diamond daisy studs look fabulous!

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Mammasita said...

Love this! What a special memory and growth.

Ram Sam Sam

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