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Monday, April 10, 2017

Princess Black Beauty

This was the first season where I didn't have to buy any clothes for the girls!  Yay for hand-me-downs!
We did have to buy one thing- Sandals for Sam.
Insert cringe.
We walked into Once Upon a Child and I ask God for a pair of sandals.
In the bin, much to Samantha's dismay (and my elation) there was ONE pair.
Purple KEENS.  For $7.50.
Hell, yes.

As we were walking out Sam pointed out and commented on the riding horse they had. 
And then we left.

On the drive home we passed a donation box.  Next to it was a riding horse.  I pulled over and called a couple of people.  In big bold letters all over the box it said, "CLOTHING ONLY".  Pretty sure they just throw away the other things left around it.

we brought home Princess Black Beauty.
Who is pregnant, by the way.
But they still make her ride.
Slave drivers.

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