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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Shaping up

We switched chiropractors and holy moly did our lives change quick.  She discovered (mild) scoliosis in Charlotte.  One visit.  Noticed something was "off".  Our first visit Charlotte was horribly sick.  Over a week with a fever and stomach bug.  Wouldn't get off my lap.  I coaxed her onto the table and our new Doctor promised her she would stop if something hurt.  She took 5 minutes to feel around and gently adjust her. 
Then- and I kid you not- Charlotte JUMPED off the table and bounced around the room until we left.  Then, walking out the door she yelled, "RACE YOU MOM!" and bolted for the car. 
When we got home she was ravenous (she hadn't eaten in a week). 

My jaw was on the floor.  And I was laughing in disbelief.

Then, she showed us her x-ray's the next time we came.

Charlotte's is on the left, the right is an adult with a much larger curve.
That ever-so-slight curve is pinching nerves leading to her bowels. 
So, big deal, right?
Um, except we've been dealing with prolapsing rectums and forcing down a full cap of mirlax every day for the past year, avoiding all dairy and bananas and anything else that makes it hard to..you know.
So, what does she do?
Ever so slightly adjusts her.
before we leave the office, Charlotte makes a bee-line for the bathroom.

She's been off mirlax and we've given her all the dairy she wants, just to see how much this has helped.  Charlotte is in HEAVEN getting to eat all of her favorite foods again (and getting to drink MILK!!). And, she's been more regular than she ever was on Mirlax.


We went to a pediatric spine doctor (no idea what the official title is) and his response? "The two are not connected."
To which I said some not-so-nice things in my head.

"But if you've found something that works for you..."

No, dude.  The period goes after "works."  This is science, not relativism. 

His solution?  Monitor and brace her if the curve increases 9 degrees or more.
"Really?  So nothing.
This visit is free, right?"

J/k.  I didn't say that.  Out loud.

So Charlotte does this for 15 minutes every day. 
She never fights us or complains because she KNOWS how much it helps.  She will tell anyone and everyone about how "Dr Mohl fixed my back!"
And a few more details about her poop, but we're working on keeping that info to ourselves.

Not to be out done, she also took xrays of Sam and we discovered that she has perfect posture (yay!)and a neck that is as an arrow (not yay).  You need a curve in your neck.  And you usually develop it by doing tummy time as a baby...which Sam never did.  There is come correlation (causation?) between people with straight necks and mental disorders...interesting, right?
So here we are:

With her new sleeping meds she will actually fall asleep while doing this!

I can't wait to see the post-xrays in June!

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