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Saturday, March 14, 2009

31 Weeks- Carpal Tunnel and a Third Hand

This week was interesting. I'm 89.34% sure that I have carpal tunnel syndrome. It's not too bad unless I push my hand too hard on a surface or try and stretch my hands.
I also discovered my "third hand" at night. I wake up and no matter how much I flex my right hand, I can't feel a thing. I rub it with my left and it feels like I'm holding someone else's hand. I hate it! The only way to get blood flowing is to get up. Again. The baby is sleeping on something.
But, I do have to admit, Thursday and Friday night the babe curled up on my right side, somehow defying gravity as I slept on my left side and stayed off any nerves and blood flow. It was awesome!

I've decided it's a head that loves to sneeeeeeeeeeak under my right rib. And it really does try and sneeeeeeeeeeak up there. I feel a little pressure and then it slowly inches up up up...cute, right?


Anyway, I had to take a mental health day Thursday. I figured if I woke up crying for no reason that it might be a day I need to stay home.
Wow. I wish I had enough sick days to do that every month.
The best part was, after going back to work for one day, it was the weekend!

Ok, so, belly shots! If you put the last three side by side you can really see how much the baby has grown!

This is what my shirts says. It's comfy and hilarious. Love it! (thanks Danielle!)


Kati said...

I had carpal tunnel bad in my third trimester with Bernadette. But nothing with Clare. I kept expecting it to start bothering me with Clare but it never did. I had to wear a brace on my wrist with Bernadette though. The pregnant body is so interesting. (I can say that now because I'm not pregnant.) :)

Kati said...

By the way, love the shirt! :)

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