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Sunday, March 1, 2009

29 weeks!

This week was...hard. I wake up feeling like I've gotten 5 minutes of sleep. But I better get use to it, I guess!

This kid is getting on my nerves. Literally. There is a nerve that shoots down my left leg, and all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the baby snuggled up on it. It started as a dull ache- like a growing pain. By Wednesday every step I took felt like my hip joint had been replace with a dagger. My only relief was elevating the whole leg. I woke up one night to a charlie-horse in my calve due to the elevation. That was fun.
oh, and being awaken with a nice body slam on my bladder is quite exhilarating for those of you who wanted to know.

Jer took two pictures this week. One of me standing normal,

one of me letting it "all hang out." We laughed. No wonder I don't look pregnant! I've been sucking it in!


Sandra said...

I always find it amazing how much I grow in the last 3 months. Usually I reach 6 months or 7 months and think, "How much bigger can I get without popping!" "Certainly I won't grow that much more." Yeah, and then at 38 weeks I'm thankful I can still waddle...err I mean walk! :) Cute pics. Enjoy NOT sucking in Kim, that's part of the enjoyment! ha ha All three of my boys had a thing for my left rib & the nerves there...all three boys! It's like they left memo's for each other "whoever is in here next try this position, it's great!"

Kim said...

lol you're hilarious!

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