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Saturday, May 9, 2009

39 Weeks- house arrest

One more week??

Let's start with Sunday night: up for 4 hrs with contractions (breathing, sweating, whole bit)
Monday night: up for 2 hrs, same thing
Tuesday night: another 2 hrs
Wednesday night: no contractions!! But 70 bathroom trips
Thursday day: Contractions all day
Thursday night: no contractions!!
Friday day: emotional wreck
Friday night: 1 hr contractions

SO, although I'm not working for money right now, I'm definitely working for a baby.
To come out.

In other news:
We almost lost our apartment this week. They called and said because we were going to be three people in a one bedroom, we had to have a bigger place (I guess 800 sq feet is not enough for 3 people?)
The issue was sleeping space. They said with three heartbeats, you have to have another sleeping space (can't a 6 x 8 closet count??-sh... I didn't say that)
So, panicked, I called my dad, Super Fire Inspector

Using his super powers he spouted off the city rules (after double checking with his sidekick, City Hall):
Each person must have 50 sq feet of sleeping space.
Our bedroom is 12.5 x 12.5. That is 156 sq feet. Three people need 150. We're legal.

So, I called the complex back and they still insisted that municipal regulations state 3 heartbeats need separate sleeping spaces. They offered a much pricier place for us to stay. After restating that it was well out of our budget (although all apartment people I've spoken to don't seem to understand what a limit is. I say 550 is our max, they offer a place for 590 or 625- um, hello?? Do you not remember <> from grade school? those are both greater than 550)

anyway, after asking if we could still get our deposit back I tried one last time;
I assured them that my dad, Super Fire Inspector, would be more than happy to approve the apartment according to city regulations.

They did their own calculations, double checked with their powers that be and said 156 is, in fact, greater than the required 150, so we could still have the apartment.

*collapse on the floor in relief*

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