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Friday, May 29, 2009

Birth Story- Cliff notes version

Monday, 18th Water broke at 9am
very brown and cloudy= hospital birth :(

Checked in @3pm with very few contractions and 1cm

4pm started me on pitocin (gr)

6pm 2cm, more pitocin

8pm wanted to up it again and I wanted to cry- was so nauseous I wasn't breathing during contractions and shaking.

9pm asked for epidural (gr) 4cm

9:30 epidural only half-worked-could still feel everything on my left side- but I was very happy :)

11pm 10cm-ready to push!

11:25 Samantha was born and whisked off to NICU

Tuesday afternoon, she got to stay in the room with me

Wednesday afternoon, we were discharged.

Read the following post if you want the FULL story!

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