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Friday, May 15, 2009

40 weeks WWF

To answer the never-ending stream of the question, "Is the baby here yet?"

I think, deep down, I knew the baby wouldn't be here early. Honestly? It's not in his/her blood!

Last night was looooong. Actually, most nights this week were looooong. I'm not sure if sleeping during the day is helping. Around midnight the babe starts wrestling with God-knows-what. And I'm talking WWF style. I get flashbacks of my brother bodyslamming his WWF pillow doll.

It use to be cute. You know, when the baby was 2 lbs and I could sleep through it.

From midnight last night (post wrestling match) the beloved BH started up and continued ALL NIGHT. In fact, they only stopped 4pm today. I'm not complaining. Seriously, I'm not! I really wish they were actual labor. I know all this pre-labor is going to make labor easier later, but I just want the labor to be real. I feel like such a wimp and lazy bum sleeping all day b/c I'm up with "fake" contractions all night.


No other news, other than the occasional blank deer-in-headlights stare either Jer or I will get from time to time. We are moving in 15 days people!!

15 DAYS!!!


Little Momma said...

From a mom whose babies take at least a month of pre-labor before entering the world, I can agree, it is EXHAUSTING! Hang in, and hopefully the real thing will be short and easy!

Sandra said...

I laughed so hard when I read your line in your post that states, "I know all this pre-labor is going to make labor easier later..." I laughed so hard my ovaries hurt..ha ha Just don't hold your breath on that hope girl! I false labored and I don't think it did squat. :-) Each child, I start having Braxtons earlier and earlier....and oh boy can they be bothersome! I must admit, I loved labor Kim...yes LOVED it and would gladly labor over and over again...there is something so absolutely magnificent & beautiful about it even with all the pain and exhaustion. Hang in there; thinking of you.

Ram Sam Sam

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