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Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 months/9 weeks

Ok, so I'm a little behind. We've had a birthday and out-of-town cousins visiting, so we've been living at Grandma's and Papa's!

Anywho, I can't believe my baby is 2 months! But I'm lovin' it. She is so interactive now and MUCH happier now that her tummy doesn't hurt.
But I really really wish this child liked to sleep. Or at least when I was around.

This past week we had 2 days of her going to sleep SO easily and often I couldn't stop smiling. Then we had 2 days of her staying up for SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT (and fussed).
Then we had 1 day of sleeping ALL day and 1 day of fussing.
And then 2 days (ok, so that's 8 total, I'm counting Sunday to Sunday) of being sooooo happy and taking lots of good naps. Of course, the past two days were the days I wasn't taking care of her. These were the days Papa and Daddy were taking care of her. These were the days where she took 2 hr naps while mommy was out. And of course she always woke up just in time for me to come home, and then would fall asleep when I left again.

So, I'd like to say I know my daughter better. I'd like to say I know her likes and dislikes and give you stories of how she does such-and-such. But she's a different baby every day. One day she will only sleep swaddled. The next she'll fight it and won't sleep til you let her out. Same with sleeping positions, places, pacifiers and everything else.
But then she does things like smiles at me while nursing (first time Yesterday!) and it just melts my heart!

Here is what we DO know :)
8 week stats (done at 7 weeks):
8lbs, 11 oz (10%)
22 1/2 in tall (60%)
15 in head circ. (50%) -hence why she still can't hold her head up!

She still fits into newborn clothing (I think I'll cry the day she's too big...), but with the cloth diapers should really be in 0-3 mo.

She is cooing.

She follows us around the room (with her eyes, she's not mobile yet ;))

She is getting some gorgeous locks.

She sleeps like a rock on Grandma and Papa's bed.

Oh! I remembered one like of hers! She loooooves bathtime!

Now, the video!


Sandra said...

:-) Cute! And yes Kim, it gets easier as you have more kids.....the sleeping through coo's and squirms. You get so good that you even will be able to distinguish what the "crap, he's puking" sound is...sorry it's gross, but true! :-) Even now I'm still a bit nuts the first couple of months though, checking on them, watching their chest rise to make sure they are breathing! :-)

Mammasita said...

Two months old and she is still smaller than PT! I want a danity girl!!!!!! She is too cute. Give here tons of kisses!

As far as we can tell the first one is the test baby and for us number 2 is so easy! I totally understand the sleeping thing! They are only little once soak it up!

Granddad said...

Great job, Kim of keeping us updated on Samantha's growth and have I said it before??...."BEAUTIFUL BABY!"

Ram Sam Sam

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