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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rumbly in my Tummy

During a routine visit to my parents (for dinner, of course!) my mother had made her famous Ham and Noodles (with a delicious cream sauce), Garlic Bubble loaf (a family favorite for years), and my brother, his girlfriend and Jeremy were in the midst of a conversation about hamburgers, french fries and other such novelties that made my zucchini and squash dinner taste more and more bland. Finally I begged,

"Can we please stop talking about food I can't have?"

to which my brother responded,

"Sorry, Kim, sorry....so...hummus..."

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Sandra said...

LOL Of course I could totally appreciate this post! Mmmmmm....hummus! I miss so much great food every time I have babies! I feel your pain Kim, really I do!

p.s. I do have the best hummus recipe you know! :-)

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