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Sunday, July 26, 2009

You know your baby is a light sleeper when...

  • you don't close doors to where they latch anymore (including the bathroom) because it's too noisy
  • you've asked your spouse to shut the water off quieter next time
  • you don't flush the toilet while the baby naps
  • you say "shhhhhh!!" to your family more than the baby
  • you've learned to read lips so you can communicate with your spouse
  • you change the lyrics to lullaby's so you can ask for help; "Twinkle twinkle little Jer, can you itch my left cheek please?"
  • you don't dare cough, sneeze or fart while putting the baby to sleep
  • you use a hairdryer as a white noise maker, as it is the only thing loud enough to drone out your popping ankles and knees as you sneak away
  • you don't dare do such activities as read or text message while putting the baby down, as they are WAY to loud
  • you've contemplated pulling an Indiana Jones move to replace your hand on the baby with a bag of rice or a book so you can go to the bathroom
  • you only have 2 pictures of your baby sleeping; one from the first time you did it and woke the baby and one from the second time because you didn't learn your lesson the first time
  • you only watch tv in subtitles
you know you're baby is a light sleeper when you thought of this whole post while putting them to sleep!

(and you know your baby knows what they are doing when you do all of the above in order to wake them up and they don't stir)


Sandra said...

I remember those days with Joseph until the dairy etc. was totally out of his system and his esophagus healed. In fact, no joke, the first time he slept for 2 1/2 hours straight I got tears in my eyes because of the relief I felt and joy! Maybe I told you that already...???? Anyway, it took Joseph 3 full weeks from the day I quite eating stuff for him to get through his first 2 1/2 hours of hard core sleep! That's either going to depress you or give you some hope! :-) Hang in there; good thing she's cute huh! ha ha

Granddad said...

Brilliant insights into things one will do to avoid waking the baby! As grandparents, we can attest to experiencing the very same things. May I add another bullet: "Carefully laying the baby down in their crib, then dropping down to hands and knees to crawl out of the room so the baby will not see you if the stir...."


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