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Friday, April 20, 2012

Pulling Strings with Politeness

When Jeremy's parents have been in town Sam's lists of favorites gets "shifted" and everyone moves down a slot to make room for Grandma at the top.  This time was beginning to think she was never going to need me again.  However when she's sleep deprived and hungry, I guess I'm still her "go-to gal".  She came home just beside herself yesterday and I very quickly put her in the Ktan (per her request).  She immediately put her head down and was all "I love you mommy" and kisses every few seconds.  But she really melted my heart when she complimented me on my housekeeping skills,

"Mommy, did you wash clothes yesterday?"
"MOMMY, did you wash clothes yesterday?"
"Yes, I washed two loads."
"Mommy, did you wash clothes yesterday?" 
"Yes Samantha, Mommy washed clothes yesterday."
"Oh.  Thank you, mommy!"

Later she conned me into letting her watch TV.  I was at the computer and I heard the TV turn on.  I turned around and she was very non-nonchalantly sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and head propped up on the side of the couch.  She glanced at me and acted all surprised, like she didn't know I was sitting there.  Before I can say anything she started playing me like a fiddle.  She put her arm down, cocked her head to the side and said, 

"Oh, can I watch Signing Time?  Is that alright with you?"  

Every word was strategically pronounced perfectly

Honestly, I'm just too tired right now to say no to anything like that!


Mammasita said...

Man she is good!

Granddad said...

Once more I apologize for allowing the two gene pools to mix: women in our side of the family are strong and willful in most cases....and I detect similar genetic traits on the other side.

What a joy she is.....perhaps the first woman President. Congress would not stand a chance...

Ram Sam Sam

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