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Friday, March 16, 2012

Daddy Needs to Fix It!!

Recently Jeremy and I decided that the TV is broken when Sam is awake. After a short "detoxing," we saw huge changes from the TV being off. The biggest benefit is that Sam will now play BY HERSELF.

As long as I'm not on the computer she's perfectly content to tend to her bears and babies.

And I can't tell you how thrilled I am that she is making messes.
I'm dead serious. This child is finally EXPLORING the world around her!

She doesn't even come up to whine while I'm taking a shower. I just turn on music and she's off in her own little world!

She does get plenty of TV at daycare and Mimi and Papa's. So far the "it's broken" charade has worked quite well. I will admit that the tv does become "fixed" every once in a while. It's only happened when one of us is sick or an occasional 20 minutes of a Disney Classic right before bed while she eats her dessert. She LOVES the books so a movie is like the books coming to life!


Mammasita said...

Good for you guys!

We too are detoxing. We had a run with RSV and got a bit too dependent on TV.

Childhood really should be messy! Good job Sam!

Julie said...

My sister broke our TV when I was 3 yrs old (she over watered a plant on top of it) and we didn't replace it until I was 9 yrs old. We were fine and never really got into watching TV. We don't own a TV but do watch DVDs on the computer...So, Sam, Daddy doesn't really need to fix it, you're having more fun playing!

Granddad said...

Careful...she may start exploring the cabinets and next thing you know everything is neatly rearranged...like Grandma!

As for Care Bears....Sam's uncles and aunt loved theirs for years.


Jackie H. said...

Excuse me! On Samantha Tuesdays, Samantha wasn't watching TV even before your TV was "broken"! Get your facts straight, missy!

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