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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Little Visitor

A while back Sam found a lady bug crawling on the floor.
"Look mommy! He's a lady bug! He's my friend!"
She was entranced for quite a while.
She had to stop to eat and while I was bringing food/drinks back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room I stepped on something that got stuck on my foot. I brushed it off and glanced at the floor.
Take a wild guess at what it was.
After lunch she was looking for her friend all over (I'd gently "brushed" him under the baseboard) and I told her he went to see his family.
A while later she was spazzing in the kitchen because her friend had come back to visit her. I was a little worried...either this was a freak of nature lady bug or we were on the verge of an infestation.
Instead of pondering the answer, I grabbed the camera...
"He's my friend. He came back to visit me!
Say cheese!

Try again sweetie, and open your eyes please....

OPEN. There we go!

Where is he?


Granddad said...

Guess which pic is now Grandma's desktop????

Mammasita said...

To funny!

Ram Sam Sam

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