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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Home Initiation!

This month we celebrated my 28th birthday. We had a bring your own dip and board game party.  By the time everyone left to put kiddos in bed, however, we didn't get to the boardgames.  The night owls of the family (Mom, me and Lucy) did get a few rounds of Wits and Wagers in.  During the party itself, though, we did get to initiating the bathroom.

Sam decided that she would make the party day the day that she would experiment with flushing non-flushables down the toilet.  After peeing her pants (more on that later) I sent her to the bathroom to clean herself up.  After about 10 minutes I realized that she was taking WAY too long in the bathroom.  I entered the bathroom to find the toilet overflowing and Sam standing on her stool panicking because she was all wet and things were just getting wetter.

Her pee soaked panties, however, were still on.  She'd forgotten to take care of that little bit of business.

Anyway, my dad came to our rescue and fished out lots of toilet paper and the hand towel from our pipes.  I'm glad he was there, as I would have 1)not thought to turn off the water to the toilet and 2) tried to plunge the clog down, rather than pull stuff out.  Sam has never before tried to put anything in the toilet other than lots and lots of TP, so I'm not sure what spurred the sudden curiosity.

After that fiasco was cleaned up my niece found the broom that we keep behind the door and proceeded to "sweep" the entire floor.  Unfortunately I'd forgotten about the broom during the first clean-up and it was soaking wet.  Commence clean-up #2.

And finally, my brother was in the bathroom and accidentally knocked over our soap dispenser from our tiny sink, spilling the watered down soap contents all over the floor.
tiny sink

All this in less than an hour in the smallest (and most recently remodeled) room in the house.

Happy Home Initiation!

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