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Friday, March 30, 2012

Picky Dresser

I am proud to say that with all of Sam's "isms" that she has, being a picky eater is not one of them.

She'll try anything once- and SHE's the one who will demand to try it! She loves onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, avocados, salads, tomatoes- you name it, she'll down it. Now, this isn't to say she won't go for the "classics" (plain noodles, pbj's, mac and cheese, hot dogs) it's just that she'll just as happily eat the healthy as she will the unhealthy. I love that I can give her a bite of any thing off my plate and she doesn't care what's on the fork (as long as I tell her what it is and it's not too spicy...she's got to be prepared you know.)
My theory, however, is that every toddler has to have an all out tantrum inducing revulsion to something that's fairly common. For most kids, it's foods. For my child, it's clothing--jeans to be more specific.

I have the most adorable gap jeans (bought used, of course!) that I've been dying to have her wear, but I may as well be trying to dress her in poison ivy. Just the sight of them sends her running and screaming "I NO WEAR JEANS!!! THEY TOO TIGHT!!"

I've tried the loose fitting kind, capris, shorts, skirts; but in my effort to get her to warm up to the rancid fabric I have simply encouraged further revulsion on her end. "Jeans" are now anything but stretchy cotton pants. That means no corduroy, no khakis, no anything that could possibly resemble the general shape (or "tightness") of jeans. No bribery in the world allows me to get them on her without tears- and even then they only stay on for a few seconds before a tantrum ensues.

So I've decided to choose my battles and am not even going to put the next size jeans in her drawer.

*Sigh*...they were just so cute...

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Elizabeth said...

I totally did this to my poor mother. I referred to all of those things as "hard pants" I was probably 10? ish? before I grew out of my hatred for "hard pants". My leggings had been darned so many times by the time I grew out of them I swear they were more thread and patches than original material.

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