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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Never Ending Battle

So I'm here to vent.  Sam was pretty much potty trained (minus sleeping times) and recently she's decided she no longer cares.  We tell her to go potty and her response is either

1) "NO! I no have to pee pee!!!!"
2) "I pee peed my panties"

With the weather warming up and my child sweating more than...well, something that sweats a LOT, she's constantly chugging water (or asking for a drink). The problem is that it becomes a toy and she'll just play drinking games.  The other side of the issue is that she's already borderline constipated as it is, so refusing the liquids just exasperates that issue.  .  Another piece of the puzzle is that at day care she is around 3-4 non-potty trained babies/toddlers.  She's obsessed with the babies and has started sucking her thumb and grunting like a baby would, so I know this is just part of the imitation.  I've tried explaining the different between pretending to be a baby and crossing the line of being "naughty" (ie peeing her pants on purpose), but that only sticks with her for so long.  We are ready to pull our hair out right now

Basically, what I'm getting at is, any suggestions out there???


Julie said...

She needs to hang out with some cool 4 yr olds. Another idea: you can say her favorite toy isn't for babies, and if she pees like a baby then she can't have that toy.

Kim said...

Hm...you got me thinking with that one! Yes, your older ones need to come over more often. on the toy note, I'm going to have to purchase a NEW one, as her current toys don't hold her attention very well.

Rebecca said...

Do rewards help? It took awhile to figure out what Kahlan got excited over. Otherwise there is the other way and start taking things away...Maybe have her around kids who do go in the potty. It really sparked an interest with Kahlan when she saw Sam go on the potty.
Hang in there Sis!

Granddad said...

Hmmm...Granddad will have to ask Grandma and get back to you on this one....I think you've figured out hangin' with the younger kids is the problem. When they wet their pants, they get attention...when she doesn't wet hers...no "special" attention. Hence...."I peed my pants".

Stay tuned....

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