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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Wall

When we first looked at our current home my first thought when I walked in the door was, "Wow, Sam would LOVE that wall."

Four months in and it still hasn't lost it's novelty!


Granddad said...

Bravo! Beautiful! Wonderful! Great plot and the leading lady was awesome! Congratulations and an academy award goes to the producer/director/cinematographer/film editor/music director for BEST EVERYTHING!

Mammasita said...

Love it!!! Isn't great to have homes with build in entertaiment!

Growing up we had a house with Salon Doors! Yes that's right and we had endless games of Billy the Kid, until Mom and Dad took them down.

Mammasita said...

Is she saying, "backwards, backwards"? She is so smart!

Kim said...

One of our house's had saloon doors too- for about a week because my parents didn't like them :( and yes, she is saying backwards. We're lost as to why her hand was up like that though!

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