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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Praying to be where I prayed to never return

So tomorrow is the big day.  I'll be interviewing for the full-time Spanish position at Pius.  Let me just say that when you pray for something- be prepared to get exactly what you ask for (or even better!)

In 2002 I graduated from High School, left my home-town and really did not want to return.  Maybe to raise kids, but only because my parents were there.  I was ready to move ON.

When I left Texas in 2006 I was so tired of the offensive drivers, the insanely hot summers and traveling 12+ hrs to see family (and my new baby sister).  I moved to Arkansas- MUCH closer-only an 8 hr drive- to live near my then boyfriend to see where things would take us.  After being a grocery checker, a nanny, then an ESL teacher I realized that I wanted to be the one thing I swore I didn't want to be- a Teacher.

We got married, blah-blah blah...

Two years of NTL and I was finally fully certified.  I could be a teacher and not be in school myself.  Twelve days after the birth of our daughter we took the 8 hr drive back to my home town.  I had just completed the most draining year of teaching and was. burnt. out.  I told Jeremy that if I were EVER to return to teaching that it would ONLY be for a private school- more specifically my own High School.  And, to be even MORE specific- I'd like to just teach Spanish.

Fast forward 1 year, we realized we could not, in fact, live on a Youth Minister's income with the massive amount of debt we had, so I had to return to work.  I applied for a Spanish position at my high school (not very common as they have a very low teacher turn around rate!)  Surely this was a sign.

But no, I didn't get it.

Fast forward another year and I applied yet again for a Spanish position (weird that this happened 2 years in a row-SURELY it was my time now).

But, no.  Only part-time.  Which was painfully hard on my ego, but it was what I needed to get out of the restaurant and my "foot in the door" to where I wanted to be.

Fast forward yet ANOTHER year and a long time teacher is retiring.  Three years in a row that they've hired a new Spanish teacher.  The odds are stacked in my favor, but I am NOT celebrating until I sign a contract this time.

Odd that I'm so eager to be full-time where I once was so ready to leave.  Odd that I am so eager to be teaching again, considering how burnt-out I was before.  Odd that I'm really excited to be working full-time, despite having to leave my baby with someone else during the day.

But what's even odder is the sequence of events that could not have been more delicately placed for us as a family.
1) Sam's insane health the first year of life (no WAY I'd have been able to do that while working)
2) The restaurant giving me the desire to "do something else"
3) Working part-time my first year back (Sam does not sleep anywhere but her bed- I've been able to bring her home every day to get her down for a nap)
4)  Sam will be old enough to go to full-time preschool in the fall- something she is VERY ready for

And so many other little things.  Like moving 4 times in 3 years.  And Jeremy's health.  And being there for friends.  All very much NOT possible had things gone MY way and I'd been able to teach the fall after Samantha was born.
Hindsight is 20/20.  All the ducks have been lining up exactly where they needed to be- and have stayed there despite my attempts to rearrange them.

My third interview with an old-time family friend, my own high-school counselor, math teacher and Spanish teacher is tomorrow at 8am.  Because if I can't be home with my babies, this is the next best thing.  Prayers, please!

update:  It was a little "ho hum" as it was my third round with the same questions- although they did try and change it up a bit.  At the end I was told that they'd had some very impressive interviews with other candidates thus far and that they'll be making a decision over break and will offer the position to someone next week.


Julie said...

I hope it went well!

Granddad said...

Our prayers...and hopes...are with you.

Granddad said...

Whaddya mean "..got married..blah, blah, blah..."? Oh no....the honeymoon is over!

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