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Saturday, April 4, 2009

34 weeks!

33 weeks vs 34 weeks
I don't know if you can tell (either by the look on my face or the arch in my back) but this week we had a major growth spurt. My feet have been hurting again, handS (note the plural now!) are numb and I've had several random urges to get on all fours and go into child's pose to relieve pressure under my ribs. I was thisclose to doing it at church last night during the meatless meal.

My right thumb is giving me problems too. I'll let some pictures speak for themselves.

Left vs. right. If I try and force the right one, it pops back and forth back into this position. Blah.

In other news...
I have two baby-showers this weekend! And some gifts have already arrived (and opened themselves, I swear!)
I got 6 bum genius diapers from my mom and Grandma and this from my sisters. Lucy, the five year old, said she thinks all babies must have a "puppy blanket." I just hope this one doesn't end up like hers! I wish I had a picture. She offered to let my baby use one of hers (she still uses hers for the occasional "puppy time"). I had to explain that stuffing, strings and fabric that can be pulled off a blanket are not safe for a baby.

After this morning, I fear that our child will be a light sleeper. Around 4 am Jer got up (to use the restroom I guess; I'd forgotten that other people do that too) and when he got back I asked "You ok?" immediately the baby jerked and started partying. I thought it was cute. For the first 5 minutes.

Oh, and in non-baby related news:
Many of you know I've been in a teaching program for the past 2 years. It's a costly, tedious, and many times belittling program that allows those with BA's to teach and get a full teaching certificate. It entails 3 weeks in the summer (8 hrs a day) and one weekend a month during the school year, a HUGE portfolio, a research paper, 3 very expensive Praxis tests and lots and lots and lots of paperwork.
While in Nebraska I decided to see what it would take to transfer my lisence so I'd be certified in Nebraska.
Let me say, the NTL program (the one I previously described) is recognized and accepted in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and many other states.

Would you like to guess where it is NOT recognized?

So, if I decide to teach in NE I'd have to go BACK to school and do the whole thing over again.

Oh, and my lisence here in Arkansas is for Spanish and Math. I've been teaching Math for 2 years. I've taught Alg I, Alg II, Pre-Calc, Geometry and Alg Connections. The NE program would only let me teach Spanish. Because that's what my BA is in.

In other words, the past two-years of my career, according to Nebraska, don't exist.


Kati said...

You're almost there! I gained 9 lbs in a week with my first pregnancy towards the end. I've got to be honest, it will get worse before it gets better. But the good thing is, it doesn't just get better, you pretty much forget the details of your misery as soon as you get to hold that sweet baby. Then you're ready to do it all over again! :)

Mammasita said...

You really did pop, but you still look great! My legs got so big this last go'round that I had to get bigger pants just to fit them! I am so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see this little one!

Luke and Ashley said...

You should come to Texas and teach. I did alternative certification in Irving and the program only took a year (no papers or projects, just a month of evening classes in the summer). Plus, between spanish and math you would never want for a job. And, in some districts, like mine, you get extra $$ for teaching in high needs areas like math and foreign languages... and breaks on student loans...

I think it's clear, you should move back to Dallas.

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