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Saturday, April 11, 2009

35 weeks and the hic-um-ups

2 more weeks and we are good to go! (For a home birth, that is)


It's kinda daunting to think we could have a baby in 2 or 8 weeks.


That's either 1/2 month or 2 months.


I like to plan, remember??

If I stop and think about where the baby will be arriving from, it start to freak out a little and think maybe staying in there for, say forever, would be just fine.

Then I try and put my shoes, pants or socks on (or just try and sit for longer than 5 minutes) and change my mind.

Everything else is pretty much the same. 4 of my fingers on the right hand are numb now. Very weird feeling to type on numb fingers. And write, and text, and do everything. Oh well- it goes away, right?!?!

The "new" thing this week is the constant onslaught of hiccups. The baby has them for hours at a time at night. Considering I don't like repetitive touchy things, the hiccups are quite annoying. It is nice to know where the head is, though. I feel every hic on my bladder. No breech baby here!

Next up- Shower pictures!!

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Luke and Ashley said...

From the way that you are carrying, I guess you are having a girl... but it's just a guess :)

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