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Sunday, April 19, 2009

36 Weeks--A visit from a bug


36 weeks
How did I ever think I needed to lose weight?!?

This week was a HUGE milestone for me. I finished the NTL Program! Two years of hell! Over! And now I get a certificate that I can't use.

So much for that plan!

Well, Thursday we had a little scare. A scare for me, anyway (Jer was totally calm and relaxed about everything) because I didn't realize how not-ready I was. I'd felt very weird all day Thursday. When I came home I felt worse and started getting achy, and very nauseous. Around 7:30 I started having contractions, about 30 seconds each, 5 minutes apart. It turned out to be the flu (times thrown up in lifetime: IV). It was a 24 hr bug.

I don't really understand the purpose of those in God's creation. What purpose does a 24 hr flu bug do? I guess it brings some family close together....and makes pregnant women realize how they need to kick it into gear at work to prepare for leave. But really, 24 hrs? It's crazy how in such a short time you can go from wanting to die to being normal again.

These past few weeks have actually gotten easier. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to be done, but I'm sleeping really well, only getting up once or twice, and have a steady stream of energy. The baby seems to have days and nights figured out- I'll wake up and have a bundled up baby just under my left rib. You can feel everything- bum, shoulders, head. You can almost practice hold him/her! When I get up the lump sloooowly falls and then the baby wakes up. Very cute! I think I'm going to miss waking up to those kinds of things.

Other than that, everything is ready! Clothes, diapers, boppy and place to sleep! One more week and we're good for a home-birth. Woot!

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Kati said...

Having the flu when pregnant is definately NOT fun. The stomach flu ran through our house twice when I was pregnant with Clare. The second time was when I was about 35 weeks. I was also having contractions and had to go in for an IV because I got so dehydrated.

I'm curious to know how your home birth goes. You'll have to let me know afterwards how it went.

Good Luck in these next few weeks! Enjoy your last days of your first pregnancy!

Ram Sam Sam

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