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Saturday, April 25, 2009

37 Weeks and our little good-luck charm

We are in the clear, people! Baby is considered full-term. I may not look it, but I'm feeling it. Baby is running out of room. I am doing better, however. I think I can make it through 2 more weeks of school (previously I didn't know how I'd make it to the end of April). Of course, it helps that I have everything planned and ready for the next month.


This baby has the luck of his/her uncles! Both Joel and Andrew (Jer's brother) are those type of people where everything seems to fall into their laps. They win everything. Well, this little turkey is a good luck charm! Now, I know I am overly blessed and God always takes care of me and Jer, but we never win stuff. Like raffles or drawings. But we did today! I went to a Gerber baby shower (apparently one of the two plants in the US is here in Fort Smith) and I won one of the big door prizes! Woo hoo! I got a pack-n-play and lots of other stuff pilled in it (all Gerber brand, of course!) When we got home and unloaded everything, we laughed at all the duplicates.

Count them- 14 spoons (and 3 forks)
9 sippy cups
8 'lil dippers (go ahead, google it- I didn't know what they were until I got them!)10 caps for those little gerber juices they sell.

and...13 binkies (or whatever you call them) we laughed the most at these, because we weren't planning on using pacifiers (we'd only bought 2 just in case)So, all-in-all, we were spoiled.

By the way, Gerber baby food is yummy. I think I might start buying a jar of their strawberry/banana instead of yogurt!

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