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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Charlotte at 4 months

Ok so I have to post before I forget and she's 5 months!

Today at four months and two days old she's cut her first tooth.  This should be illegal, since she still can't hold a teething ring for longer than a few seconds before dropping it and then screaming for someone to give it back to her.

She also put herself to sleep for the night tonight!  Although, I give that credit to Jen, who watches her during the day.  From day one she's gotten Charlotte to go to sleep sans being held. 

Additionally, we will be buying size 3 diapers the next time we go to the store, as she is peeing through her size two diaper at night.  And by peeing through I mean I'm doing 2 extra loads the next day because she soaked the bed (hence the disposable at night.  Ain't no way I'm doin' cloth for night time).

At four months Charlotte has finally realized the purpose of her voice and makes her opinion known, which is important when you are living with four first borns in the house. 

She has a love/hate relationship with the carseat.  Sometimes it's the only thing that will get her to sleep but she will ALWAYS protest while being buckled in.  Something about the 30 seconds from being set in it to the buckles being snapped into place is just torture. 

I have a love/hate relationship with her binky.  I'm SO glad she will take it but she's very picky about when she wants it and can't for the life of her keep it in.  She wants it when she's tired and falling asleep.  And sometimes while in the car, but only when the car is moving.  Apparently if we stoop, she has spit it out.  There must be some rule that I don't know about.  Then there's the "magnet for hair" part.  Between me shedding a wig every day and Jen's two cats, that thing is perpetually covered in some sort of hair.  My quickest solution has been to just put it in my mouth first and then spit out the hair that I pull off, but that got old the first 20 times I had to do it. 

Anyway, this girl is a giggle monster when she's tired and loves talking to the fan.  Seriously, they have some hilarious conversations.  Hyunseok will hear her all the way in his room and come down just to listen.  As Jeremy says, she's a fan fan. Nuk Nuk Nuk.

Developmentally, she's probably going to roll back to front before she figures out front to back.  I have no idea what is so hard about learning to push up while on the tummy for my girls, but Sam had the same problem (which is why she had to go to therapy at 15 months).  She can also aaaaaaaalmost sit up by herself.  If she didn't get so excited seeing everyone around her and straighten out like a board, she's probably be able to master it a lot faster. 
Silly sister is still always by her side.
How do I get this to stay in my mouth...

Forget it, I'll just stick to my fingers.

Charlotte is just such a joy.  She may only sleep 1.5-2 hours TOTAL in a 12 hour day, but she's happy while she's awake, so that's huge. 

Her 4 month appt is next week so I'll have to post her stats then.  Any guesses on her weight?  She is in 6-9 month clothes and ready for size three diapers.  Size two cap out at 18 lbs.  Keep in mind Sam was 17 lbs at a year old. 

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