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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Her 4-month check-up ended up being a sick appointment as well.  Currently Sam, Charlotte and I all have the same thing.  So whenever I blow my nose I clear them out as well.  Jeremy has to leave the room and we go through a huge pile of tissues in a matter of seconds.

 Last night we had the humidifier on, vicks on the feet, gave the babe tylenol and a steroid (so she could breathe without gasping) and had her sleep upright--all in hopes of a good night's sleep. 

And is was!

Well, at least for her.  She moves a lot in her sleep.  And still wants to be thisclose to someone while she sleeps.  We've discovered that she will wake up ONCE from 8pm-6am to eat if I'm not in the room.  But she still wants to sleep with someone.  So Jeremy and I have been taking turns sleeping with her and the other sleeps on the couch.  We're hoping that after the second tooth breaks through and the cold passes we'll all be getting more sleep.  I'm not sure why, but I can hope, right???

Anyway, she's 14 lbs, 11 oz (75%), 95th% for height and 98th % for head circ. 

She still needs her reflux medicine but looooooooves it.  She seriously grabs the suringe, tries to jab it into her throat and then screams when it's all gone. I guess minty breastmilk is the candy for babies??

She's also discovered these...I love watching babies with their toes!

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