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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Winter finally decided to show up just after Christmas this year.  Seriously, there were days in December that we kicked on the AC for a few hours.
I quickly discovered that Charlotte wasn't a fan of the "lounge around the house" routine.  If she didn't get to "GO?!" before lunch- even a quick trip in the car around the house- she was a whining fuss-bucket.
Before the snow melted we decided to go out and see what we could find for sledding.
Note the make-shift sled on the steps.

It kinda worked.  Sam ended up just using her toddler sled while Charlotte...
Became re-aquianted with her love, the Swing.
BA haha, you can't see!

I made her come in because her nose and fingers were like ice.

This was her attempt at a tantrum.
Silly girl.  You ain't got nothin' on your sister!

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