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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Charlotte-Speak Part I

match Charlotte's words to the English words

Parte I
1.  Noah 
2.  oh wow-wow 
3. Oui 
4.  Dow 
5.  Sdada 
6. Wah 
7. wah-wah 
8. Bee?  Bee?  Bee? Bee?
9. How? 
10.  Bye-bah! 
11.  Mye-min
12.  No

A. More
B. Down
C. Samantha
D.  NO! Stop!
E. Help!
F.  I want my Binky STAT
G.  Look what I colored!
H. I'll be right back
I. Can we rock-rock?
J. Can I have a vitamin too?
K. Water
L. Nose

Part I Answers
1.D 2 G 3E 4B 5C 6K 7I 8F 9E 10H 11J 12L

How did you do?

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