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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Charlotte Speak Part II

Part II
1.  Gittygitty
2.  Ahhhhh
3. Stah
4.  Sssah
5.  Shus
6.  Bum bum?
7.  *smacks lips*
8.  Dnstah
9.  No-no
10.  Nye-Nye
11. Zoo-see
12.  Hi?
13. oh-go
14. Moo?

A. There you go
B. I'm tired.  Just lay me down already
C. Where's the moon?
D. I'm not supposed to be doing this
E. Can I color please?
F. Lucy
G. Do you have a phone I can use?
H. stars
I. Shoes
K. Socks
L. Can we read Chick-a Chicka boom boom?
M. Downstairs
N.  My hands are dry, can I have some lotion?

1.E 2 N 3H 4K 5I 6L 7J 8M 9D 10B 11F 12C

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