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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow days

After Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, January and February really drag on.  Luckily, there are always the much prayed for snow days!
She made 10 trips from the main level, up the stairs and to the bathroom with a bucket full of snow to accomplish this.

Pouring water to make holes.

I came in later to find this.  She was in the bath-tub, therefore she needed to be naked.  I found her digging for her swim-suit because part of the tub was wet.  I suggested a towel and to keep her undies on.  Her mittens had already soaked through so some fuzzy socks helped for a bit longer.
Two high school classmates of mine got married and had a boy the exact same moth as we had Sam.  They both go to Kindergarten together and they just moved in across the street.  He's shy and Sam kinda intimidates him.  But he heard that Aiden was coming over and braved Sam's company for the prospect of playing with another boy.

This one loved watching...note the backwards hat.

The second day!

Those signing books have gotten over 20 years of use!  Amanda was the first.

Sam's brown-haired-taller twin came over to play.

"Take a picture of just me!" she said...and then bolted with a belly laugh.
'Sup, mom.

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