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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Arkansas 2015

Sam was a champ for the ride- even with her sling and didn't close her eyes but for 10 minutes at the very end when everyone was screaming (including me).  Charlotte was NOT a fan...10 hrs in the car and she slept for 45 minutes.  WHERE can I get me one of those kids that will sleep in the car?!?

This was Charlotte trying to fall asleep.  She was screaming under the blanket...but did NOT want it off.  She was soooooo tired.
It was so weird arriving- it literally felt like we'd just left from last year!

Although Sam was quite spoiled, everyone doted on Charlotte as well.  She's in the "hold you?" stage, so she was quite happy with all the open arms to carry her around!
When we got back Charlotte asked for Hannah every day for at least a week.

Sam just looooooooves her Godfather.

Jake had matured SO much in one year!  It gives me hope for the age of 7.  Charlotte was on a high from all the screen-time we allowed.
Jeremy and I watched a LOT of Family Feud to make sure we were good and practiced for the show.  By the end of the week we were goooooooooood...and really sick of the theme song!  I got some knitting done and finished a Belle topsy turvy doll for Sam.

These two just crack me up!  Hannah is 3 months younger than Sam.  Look at that height!

With the sling and a still-sore shoulder, Sam had to learn how to sit still and enjoy sit-still activities.  This painting project lasted a good 10 minutes.  

loooooooots of TV.  

My view when we were alone in the lakehouse.  "Uuuuuuuuuuuup?"  "Hole chew?"

She found this hiding spot.

Another benefit to the broken clavicle was that Sam was constantly challenged to do things a different way.  She was always having to think out-side the box--something that does not come naturally for her.  And she had to learn how to ask for help without melting into tears.

Despite the sore clavicle, Sam got to go on a (slow) jet-ski ride, fish, and play with some water toys:

I SOOOOOOO wish this family lived closer...*sigh*

She figured out how to do it one-handed!  The boys had to help her fill it up.

These two were reunited.

I'm gonna cry the year we come and Matthew doesn't want to play boardgames with us anymore.
We also taught him what "zoodles" were...he was AMAZED at this thing called a "Zucchini".  

Sam was a pro at talking to the little Lukas

And Charlotte was enthralled by another little person like her.  But she was a little confused as to why she wouldn't talk.

Sam has lots of friends her age.  I hope these two will enjoy each other's company in future trips!
Our first night at the Lukas' was rough.  I got maybe 3 hrs of sleep.  So Jer let me sleep in and took the kids with Emily to Mt Magazine.

Charlotte walked almost the WHOLE WAY!

Yearly Group picture!

The silly version

Standing where they were born.

Sam is just in forever love with Arkansas.

This sequence kills me.  Charlotte loves Sam, but has reached the stage of- get OFF me!!
Look over THERE Charlotte!


Oh, a camera.  I see.

See you next year! We had a BLAST!

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The Lukas Family said...

I wish we lived closer too! Who knows with Cody's job it may happen one day, even though he still believes Nebraska is frozen 11.5 months a year. Can't wait for next year. Y'alls visit is ALWAYS the highlight to our summer!

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