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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


A week before our vacation Sam was trying a new trick in the back yard while my back was turned.  Now, I heard a THUNK and a scream like she's never screamed before.  And Sam screams a LOT.   Jer and I both knew it was broken when we realized she didn't even notice the blood trickling from her mouth due to a DEEP tooth bite in her tongue.  My heart sank as I knew the whole Arkansas trip would be such a bummer for her (it's usually full of running, swimming, climbing, swinging, boating...everything this never-stopping-body LIVES to do all day long).   

So what exactly happened? Well, here it is from the horse's mouth (she's had 6 weeks of practice telling this story to every stranger we meet):

"Um, I ran down the hill and I jumped but I missed the bar.  And I WHAM I hit the ground really really hard."

A few days after the break...The first few were ROUGH but once the pain was manageable she was good to go! 
The sling comes off this week and she is READY to go back to the upside-down/flipping life that she's missed so much.  And swimming.  She's SO looking forward to jumping into a pool!

UPDATE:  much to our dismay, the doc says it has to stay on for another 2 weeks.  She's healing but, as the doctor said, "She uh...kinda moves a lot." She needs to wear it so she isn't doing the acrobatics that she does 12 hrs a day sans sling.  Boo.  BUT she can still swim and take it off while sleeping.  So...yeah.

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