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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Outdoor Update

And because this year hasn't been crazy enough, we decided to put some work into the outside of the place so it was more child-friendly.
This is what we started with 2 years ago.  Note the short forest and mud pit behind Jeremy.  Those are not bushes but hundred of tree seedlings.
Another view...behind the crazy girl :)

Another neighbor and I teamed up and cut down two trees.  It was very therapeutic to cut those all up...I did it all by hand over 2 weeks!  This is the before.
And after...like, waaaay after grass was planted.

Before from the other direction.




There was so much erosion due to too much shade...

After!  Still lots of weeds, but those will go away now that the lawn people consider this area a "lawn".
Yay for walking barefoot outside!!

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Mammasita said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful change! Well done! Having a nice yard doubles the size of your house!

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